Image Use

When in doubt, please contact me before using any of my images.

Commercial Use
I currently do no allow any of my images to be used for commercial purposes, sorry.

Registered non-profit organizations may be able to use my work, depending on the context of use. Prior permission is required.

Educational Use
Use by students, teachers, and researchers in an educational setting is free and does not require prior permission. If the project involves posting photographs online (as PowerPoint presentations, pdf files, or image files) please include a credit to Lauren Nichols and a link to

Do not upload my photographs to online projects that apply a blanket Creative Commons Attribution License. This includes sites such as Wikipedia, Wikispecies, Wikimedia Commons and other similar sites.

Conference Presentations
You are welcome to use my photographs in presentations and posters at academic conferences without prior permission, provided that the image is accompanied by a credit to Lauren Nichols. This does not include related commercial uses such as to promote a conference, which requires prior permission.

Journal Articles/Technical Papers
In most cases, use of my photographs in the scientific literature is allowed, though this depends on the Journal’s policies. Prior permission is required.

Press Releases and news articles
Use of my images is not allowed in press releases or new articles without my prior permission.

Social Media – Commercial
Use of my photographs in social media (Facebook, Google+, twitter, blogs etc.) by commercial entities is not allowed.

Social Media – Personal
Personal blogs, web pages and media accounts are welcome to use my photographs, however I request that you contact me first to obtain permission. All images must be accompanied by a credit to Lauren Nichols and a link to

Derivative Artworks
Prior permission is required to copy all or parts of my images in derivative artworks. This includes cropping, resizing, editing, or making an illustration based off of my image.

When using any of my images for any of the above purposes, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Images must be attributed to Lauren Nichols
  2. A link to must be provided.
  3. Any form of manipulation to the image is strictly prohibited.
  4. Original watermarks must be retained and must not be modified.
  5. The image must not show visible loss of image quality compared to the original (usually happens when images are resized, or re-saved in highly compressed format).